Chronological History of SMSgt Rudy M. Apilado

Sept 11, 1969 – Oct 1969:  Enlisted US Air Force.  Air Training Command (ATC) 37th Basic Training Flight, Lackland AFB TX
Oct 24, 1969 – Jan 1970:  ATC 3517th Technical School – Student Training Squadron, Reciprocating Engine Aircraft Maintenance, Sheppard AFB TX
Feb 1970 – Jul 3, 1972:  Military Airlift Command (MAC) 604th OMS (Organizational Maintenance Squadron), Worked on T-29 and C-131 aircraft.  Travis AFB CA

Jul 4 1972 – Aug 11 1973: Pacific Air Force Command (PACAF) 51st OMS.  Worked on O-2A Aircraft on D-Diamond, next to the 100th AMMS on C-Diamond.  First time I ever saw a Drone.  Met Sgt William Scott on the flightline, driving a tug and towing a Drone to an engine run.  Later, I went to work for Logistics, Chief of Maintenance in Production Control.  Osan Air Base, South Korea

Sep 1973 – Nov 1974:  Aerospace Defense Command (ADC) 4600 OMS.  Worked on C-118 Aircraft.  Our Squadron flew the US Air Force Academy Cadets to all their football games.  Peterson AFB CO

Nov 24 1974 – Aug 11 1975: PACAF US Military Advisory Command Thailand (USMACTHAI), 1131st Special Advisory Squadron. Trained Cambodian Air Force on Phase Dock Inspections for T-28 aircraft.  Udorn Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand

Sept 1975 – Sept 1976:  Strategic Air Command (SAC) 100th Airborne Missile Maintenane Squadron (AMMS).  Worked on AQM-34 R,M,L,LTV Drones.  Davis-Monthan AFB AZ

Sept 1976 – Jan 1980:  Tactical Air Command (TAC) 432nd Drone Generation Squadron (DGS).  Worked on AQM-34 M,L,LTV,V Drones.  TDY to RIMPAC’77 Barking Sands Hawaii.  Davis- Monthan AFB AZ

Jan 1980 – Aug 1981:  Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) 6514th Test & Evaluation Squadron (TES).  Worked on AQM-34 L Drones.  Performed Drone recoveries at Dugway Proving Grounds, Participated in Cruise Missile competition fly-offs between General Dynamics and Boeing at Dugway.  Hill AFB UT.

Aug 1981 – Oct 25 1986:  AFSC Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (AFRPL).  Missile X testing for Peacekeeper Missile Program Stage I, II, III.  Numerous sub-scale motor test firings.  Edwards AFB CA

Oct 1986 – Jan 1990:  SAC 1st Strategic Aerospace Division (1STRAD) Test and Evaluation (TE).  Worked in the Strategic Missile Center (SMC) Plans and Programs Division.  Program Manager for the Canister and Launch Tip Program (CALTP) for the Small ICBM.  Vandenberg AFB CA

Jan 1990 – Jun 1993:  Air Combat Command (ACC) 20th Air Force Logistic Division ICBM Maintenance Operations.  Attended Naval Senior Enlisted Academy Newport, RI.  RIVET Mile Program refurbishing missile silos.  Vandenberg AFB CA

Jun 1993 – Oct 1 1995:  Air Force Space Command (AFSPACE) 30th Space Wing 576th Flight Test Squadron; AF Operational Test & Evaluation Center (AFOTEC) Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting (REACT) Test Team.  Retired Senior Master Sergeant Oct 1, 1995.  Vandenberg AFB CA.

Oct 1995 – Apr 2004:  Home Care Provider

Apr 2004 – Dec 2006:  Chumash Casino & Resort.  Worked as Security Officer and Surveillance Officer.  Santa Ynez CA