Hi, I’m CMSgt. Dave Croll and this is my military biography and post military history.

I was one of the original three crew chiefs in the 4080th Drone Program. We were selected to start the program, working with Ryan people in the R&D at Eglin. U-2 Crew chiefs converted to missile maintenance technicians. Originally, we had approximately 35 people total involved in the program.  Because I was in the 4080th for 7 years under code 51 , in 1966 after my 3 rd TDY to Vietnam I was informed that I would be getting an assignment to another unit. I was fortunate to recover the first drone flight over N. Vietnam in 1964 at Danang and the first flight over China in Taiwan, a short time later. I was involved with training most of the new guys that came into the program in 1964 & 65 including Wllbur Wells, Randy Richards, George Barnette, John Carpenter and many I can’t remember. 


I will try to complete the Bio soon and see if I have any other info I can come up with. Take care and thanks for the inquiry. Sounds like you have got a great job  at Pt Mugu. I loved working on the Drones and the U-2. I think back at the good times and some scary times I had in the 4080/100 and smile.  It was great!

Dave Croll, USAF Retired