Hi, I’m Phillip L. Ford (Phil) and this is my military and post military biography.

I joined the USAF on Sept. 30, 1958. After basic training I received technical training as a 43131 E (C-130) and 44330 (Hound Dog). I was assigned to the 4080th in April 1965. I was later assigned to the 100th AMMS at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ and remained there until March 1975.

At the 100th AMMS, my AFSC was as a 44390. I was sent on four (4) TDY’s between August 1965 and January 1970, that turned out to be a total of 497 days in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. I was sent on seven (7) TDY’s between January 1970 and June 1973, for a total of 540 days in U-tapao, Thailand and from October 1973 to January 1974, I was on a TDY in Osan, Korea for a total of 120 days. Between 1965 – 1974 I spent over three (3) years on TDY’s in three (3) different countries.

In March 1975, I received orders for Hill AFB, Utah. I was stationed there until August 1977. I retired from the USAF as a Master Sargent in November 1978, after twenty (20) years of service.

After the Air Force, I put my skills learned at the 100th to good use and worked for Teledyne Ryan / Lockheed Martin, for the next twenty (20) years. Today, I am happily retired and enjoying golf, travel, hunting and fishing!