Greetings!! I’m Larry Hubbard and I present you with my military biography and post military history.

My Military Career

I joined the USAF on 17 November 1965. After basic training, I was sent to technical school and attended the Titian II missile program. I was trained as a Titian II missile maintenance technician ( AFSC 44370).

I was assigned to the 100th AMMS in September 1967. I remained a core member of this organization until we were disbanded in May 1976.


TDY’s to OL’s

I was deployed to our OL’s in Vietnam for the first time in 1967. I was deployed on TDY an additional six (6) times to Vietnam until after we were reassigned to NKP, Thailand in the early 70’s.

I was also deployed on TDY to U-Tapao, Thailand two (2) times and Osan, Korea one (1) time.

In total, I was TDY to Vietnam, Thailand or Korea a total of ten (10) times in nine (9) years between 1967 and 1976.

Post Squadron Career

After the 100th AMMS was deactivated,I attended Minuteman II Technical school and was assigned to the 44 missile Maintenance Squadron as a Missile Maintenance Team chief, senior controler in job control, and shop chief in briefing and debriefing from 1976 to 1985. 

In 1985, after GLCM school at Davis Monthan I was assigned to Hahn AFB Germany as Maintenance Superintendant. In 1987, I returned to Davis Monthan and the 868th Missile Maintenance  Squadron and then moved to wing training as training team A supervisor and then to training superintendent until Sept 1990.

My last PCS was in September 1990, when I was transferred to Minot, North Dakota and posted as the 91st Missile Wing Training Superintendent until I retired from the USAF in July 1992 at the rank of SMSgt.

What I’m Doing Today

I started a second career as a Corrections Officer with the Ward County Jail in Minot, North Dakota. I’m still here and enjoying life!