Hi, I’m Robert L. Jones, Sr. (Bob) and this is my military and post military biography.

I graduated from high school early and immediately volunteered for the USAF in January 72′. After basic training I received orders for Chanute AFB and received technical training as a Minuteman missile mechanic ( AFSC: 44350-G ) in March 72′.

I received orders for my first duty station in August 72′ and had the honor of being attached to the 100th AMMS at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ from August 72′ to January 74′. I was TDY to U-Tapao, Thailand from early June through late Sept. 73′. During my TDY in Thailand, I had the privilege of flying on several drone missions in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos.

In January 74′, I was transferred to Malstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT and attached to the 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron ( Minuteman II’s). I was married in June 75′ to a school teacher from Butte, MT and moved to Missoula, MT to start college on an early out discharge in Sept. 75′. I lived in Missoula, MT from 75′ – 86′. Graduated twice with two sets of undergraduate degrees ( thanks to the GI bill). I have three (3) children, two (2) boys and one (1) girl who are all doing well. I trained as an insurance adjuster in 82′. I divorced in 85′ and moved to Los Angeles, CA in 86′. Started law school in 89′ and graduated in 93′. Worked in a law firm ( insurance defense ) for 3 years ( didn’t like it ) and returned to insurance adjusting in 97′. Started my own company http://www.rljonesandassociates.com the same year and continue to this day.

In July 2007, I located a member of my ole squadron, Mike “Odie” Odum, living in Lakeland, FL. We located about a dozen members and started a fund to start our website. I was “appointed” webmaster for the benefit of all Past Our Prime Squadron (POPS) members. Today we are over 100 members strong! I’m proud to be of service to this group of merry men.