I was Born Raymond Dale Nairn in Seattle Washington in 1952 and lived in Renton Washington until I graduated High School in June 1971. I was drafted but joined the Air Force in October 1971 and went to Basic Training at Lackland AFB Texas, from Basic Training I went to Sheppard AFB Texas Technical School to Train as a Titan II Missile Mechanic and after graduation I was given my orders to the 100th AMMS at Davis Monthan AFB.

I arrived in April 1972 and went to FTD School on the AQM34L, AQM34M and AQM34R Drones and was with the 100th AMMS until it’s deactivation in 1976. While with the 100th AMMS I did four (4) three month TDY’s to U-Tapao Thailand with one four hour stop over in Vietnam to pick up parts and five (5) six month TDY’s to Osan AB Korea.

In late 1976 the 99th SRS was short U-2 Crew Chiefs and because I was part of SAC and had a 43151 back ground, I was asked to go to the 99th and assist them, the 99th sent me on a three (3) month TDY with the U-2’s, I was a U-2 Crew Chief. At the end of 1976 I went to the 390th MIMS to assist them for four (4) months until I could Transfer to the 432nd Tactical Drone Group, and I did in 1977. I was with the 432nd Tactical Drone group, 432nd Drone Generation Sq. at Davis Monthan working with the AQM34L, AQM34M and AQM34V Drones until they Deactivated in 1979. while awaiting my Transfer orders to the 6514th Test Sq.

I was sent to assist the 27th TASS, again because of my 43151 Crew Chief Back Ground and helped them rebuild one of the units O-2A Skymaster Aircraft; I got a commendation letter from the unit. I transferred to the 6514th Test sq. Hill AFB in 1979 along with all the DC-130E Launch Aircraft, C-H3 Helicopters and all the AQM34M and AQM34V Drones, Most of the DC-130E Aircraft, and C-H3 Helicopters were later sent to AMARK in Tucson Az. And some of the AQM34 Drones were sent to Warner Robins for Storage and we kept the others flying until 1981. as Part of the 6514th I was sent TDY to Dugway Proving Ground in 1981 to help Develop and Test the Ground Launch Cruse Missile ( GLCM ) System, as part of the IOT & E Test Team until it’s completion in 1983.

In 1983 the 6514th transferred me to the 501st Tactical Missile Wing in Greenham Common England to set up the first GLCM Sq. in the Air Force, I was now a GLCM Ranger. I returned to the 6514th Test Sq. in 1985 and with new Programs Coming for the AQM34 Drones I was asked to help set up the drone unit again, so I went to Warner Robins and Brought back all of the AQM34L, AQM34M Drones along with all the Support Equipment to to make the program work. I then went to AMARK in Tucson to help bring DC-130A # 461 out of storage to work along side DC-130H # 979 on the North Warning and the Over The Horizon Backscatter Programs, I then became the NCOIC of the Drone ground support equipment shop and the Drone spare parts Warehouse and Inventory Shop. Later we Picked up the AEGIS program for the Navy and added BQM34S Targets to our Inventory and started flying Missions for the different operations at Barter Island Alaska, Bangor Maine, Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico, Barking sands Hawaii and Point Mugu Ca. When Tsgt Steve Mooney left the Unit I moved up to NCOIC of the Drone Maintenance Shop,Ground Support Equipment Shop and the Spare Parts Warehouse Manager Until I retired as an E-6 ( Tsgt ) in October 1991.

After I Retired I went back to Washington State to help my Grandparents until my grandfather passed away and then in 1993 Edwards AFB deactivated the 6514th Test Sq. and gave everything to the Aegis program at Point Mugu along with DC-130A # 461, But the Navy did not have anyone to manage all the AQM34 Drones, ground support equipment and the spare parts warehouse, so the Navy called and asked me to come to point mugu and help assist Teledyne Ryan with the program, so I set up my own Company ” RPV Support” and came to Mugu and later that year I bought a house in Richland Washington as my base of operations. The Navy also added BQM74 / Chukar III Targets to the Inventory. In 1994 Teledyne lost the contract and I had to go to work for other companies, VSE Corp, HTS Inc, WFI Inc, and then with SAALEX Solutions Inc 1721 Pacific Ave. Oxnard Ca. were I now work as a Sub Scale Aerial Targets Senior Engineer, Safety Coordinator and Hazmat Coordinator working at Point Mugu, and I’m Still here. 



Outstanding Unit Award with Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Force Good Conduct Medal with Five (5) Oak Leaf Clusters

National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Force Overseas Long Tour Ribbon with Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon with Four (4) Oak Leaf Clusters

Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon with Bronze Service Star.



Air Force Commendation Medal: 4 Ea.

Air Force Achievement Medal: 2 Ea.

Air Force Association: H.H. Arnold Award

Strategic Air Command: Master Technician Award

Air Force System Command: Master Technician Award

Headquarters, Air Force Flight Test Center: Maintenance Achievement Award

HTS Inc Achievement Award

Appreciation Letters

100th AMMS

432nd TDG


GLCM Combined Test Force

Channel Islands ANG


Ray “Olerayme” Nairn