My name is Terry Michael Odum, I was born May 25, 1952 in Lakeland, Florida.  I graduated from High School in June of 1970, this was during the time of the draft lottery, my number 18.  I was called up for a physical examination in May of 1970, three weeks before my High School graduation.

  The group that went to Jacksonville, Florida were told that we would be sent to Fort Bragg within two weeks.  I enlisted in the Air Force in June of 1970 on a delayed enlistment program.  While I was waiting for orders to report to Lackland AFB, I worked as a vendor for Eli Wit Cigar Company.  I sold  a lot of cigars, cigarettes and candies for grocery stores, restaurants, bars and sundries.  During that time I started dating the woman, who is now my wife of  33 years Joanie Bates.  We continued to date after I was given orders to report to Lackland AFB on March 6, 1972.  I was given orders for Tech School at Chanute AFB  Rantoul, IL. in April 1972.  After tech school while everyone else was getting orders to Minute Man II bases.

I received orders to report to the 100th AMMS at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ.  I arrived in Tucson in August of 1972 and began training in the Drone reconnaissance program.  I went TDY to Utapoa Thailand in April of 1973 and while there received a letter of comendation for a successful mission with the AQM34M(L) program.  I had the privilege to go on 3 successful missions with Baby Buck and a mission that went downtown Siagon.  When I returned to Tucson the barracks were over crowded so Ray Narin, Rod Mayo and I were given separations  and shared an apartment together.  I had orders for a TDY in Osan, but they were changed and I was sent to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana.  I arrived in Great Falls in May of 1974, while in Montana I worked for vehicle and equipment control.  I really missed the work and the mission that we had with the 100th, so I took an early  out in December of  1975 and went to college in Tennessee to study Accounting  and Business Administration. 

Joanie and I were married in 1974 and were blessed with  our first child in June 1977, our son David Michael Odum, we also have two daughters Dana Michelle born in July of 1980 and Diana Marie born in October of 1983. We came back  to Lakeland, Florida  in August of 1979 and I went to work with a construction  company as an estimator later that year I went to work for a non-profit as the Administrator, I was  there for 23 years.  I resigned in August of 2001.  I went into business  as a site developer in October of 2001 and worked at that until March 4th of 2006 when I had a heart attack.  I have had four bypasses and a pacemaker defibrillator installed.  While recovering from my heart attack I was asked to become the administrator of Highlands Christian  Academy here  in Lakeland, FL. , I have been there since May of 2006. Our first grandson, Camden Michael Odum was born in January of 2005. Our second grandson Noah Daniel was born to  my daughter Dana in March of 2006 the day after my heart attack. Dana and her husband Daniel are missionaries with Sports and Cultural Exchange International ) in Monteagle,  Tennessee.  They are also developing some property on Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee . I have been helping with that project  to develop the land there..  Our third grandson Connor Mitchell was born July 11, 2007 and is my son and his wife’s second child.  My youngest daughter Diana Marie was married in January of 2007.  My family is the most important part of my life  and have really been close to me since I had the heart attack.  Joanie and I spend a lot of time between Lakeland and Tennessee, our daughter Dana is going to have our fourth grandchild and first granddaughter in November of this year. I have enjoyed my career, but the most exciting and interesting work that I have ever been a part of is our time in the 100th AMMS.  It gave a special  sense of achievement.

Mike Odum (Odie)