I joined the AF in 1953. After Basic at Sampson AFB NY. I went to B-47 School at Amarillo Texas. First real assignment was to 442nd  Bomb Squadron at March AFB California. Worked as assistant and Crew Chief until the B-47s were phased out in 1960.

I came to Vandenberg AFB and worked on Atlas missiles until 1969 when I transferred to Edwards AFB and worked at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Lab.

I then spent a year on the Tropical Paradise of Johnston for a year until I transferred to the 100th AMMS on Feb 1971. I made three TDYs to U-Tapao, RTAFB 1971, 1972 & 1973 and one TDY to Osan AB Korea in 1974. I left in 1976 and came back to Vandenberg to work the Minuteman Program. I did that until 1982 when I retired in the rank Of Chief Master Sergeant.

I the worked on the Space Shuttle Program for Lockheed until it died here in 1991 and I chose retirement instead of a move to Florida to keep working the Program. I have lived in Santa Maria since 1982 and except for a couple consultant jobs in programs launching missile from here, My wife Annie and I just travel around playing golf and enjoying life.

We are both 71 years old, been married for 51 years. We have two Sons, four Grandsons, One Great grandson and one Great Grand daughter.

Herb Smith