Wallace, SMSgt Randall W. “Wally”

Greetings, my name is Randy Wallace or to my 100AMMS family “Wally” a nick name I received from Bucky Crenshaw that suck to me for a long time. This is my military and post military history.

I was born August 21, 1952, in Phoenix Arizona, I graduated from High School in 1970, and I received my draft notice on my birthday in 1971. My lottery number was 50, basically that’s been the only lottery I have every won. I went in the AF reserve October 21, 1971, going active Air Force February 7 1972.

September 6, 1972 – September 6, 1976

After completing my Minuteman Missile Maintenance Training at Chanute. I was shipped to Davis Monthan AFB where I was assigned to 100 AMMS, September 7, 1972. I made two 90 day TDY’s to U-Tapao, and one 120 day TDY to NKP Thailand. I made three 90 day TDY’s to Osan AB. While assigned the 100 AMMS I was a 44350 (Special Purpose Chew Chief). When the unit closed, I was pulled back into my Minuteman secondary AFSC.

September 1975 – October 1986

I was assigned to the 394 ICBM Test Missile Squadron at Vandenberg AFB, CA. as a Destruct Ordnance Team Chief, Destruct Ordnance Flight Chief, and Quality Assurance inspector evaluator. After making Master Sergeant I was made NCOIC Inspection and Evaluation. After Minot AFB, ND failed their NSI in September 1986 I was moved to Minot AFB.

October 1986 – November 1993

October 21 1986 I was assigned to the 91 OMMS at Minot AFB, ND, were I was assigned as the Missile Mechanical Flight Superintendent. In 1988 I was moved to the 91 FMMS where I was assigned Shops Flight Superintendent. In 1990 I took over the Team Training Flight Superintendent Job. After making Senior Master Sergeant, I was moved to the Vehicle and Equipment Control Flight. In January 1993, I took over as the 91FMMS Maintenance Superintendent position until I retired.

January 1994 – March 1997

I was a full-time student; I also worked as a VA counselor, for Job Services. In March 1995 I took an intern position with the Arizona State Department of Environmental Quality. Where I Setup meetings developed literature and brochure pertaining to the pollution Prevention program.

April 1997 – June 2005

After completing my Associate in Architectural Drafting Technology I took a job as a Designer with A&A Manufacturing where they designed and built in-floor cleaning systems for pools and spas.

June 2005 – January 2007

I got me a GS07 civil service job as Engineering Technician at Holloman AFB, NM, at the High Speed Test Track. Where I developed and prepared drawings and illustration for rocker test vehicles and related support equipment. In November of 2007 I got a call from an old boss at Minot, who was the Director of the Wing III RIVET Mile Unit. And he need some qualified minuteman missile maintenance technician, or as they’re called now WG11 Power support system technicians.

January 2007 – present

So I moved back to Minot and took the job for the 309th Maintenance Wing RIVET Mile Unit as a Power Support Systems Mechanic, where I perform depot level modifications upgrades missile alert facilities and launch facilities.

Published date: 01 May 2011