I went into delayed enlistment in November 1972. Called to basic January 19th, 1973. It was a Friday night at Lackland. Had to stay in civies all weekend. (rainbow, rainbow don’t be blue…)

Left basic for Witchita Falls, Sheppard AFB for Titan II training. Left Sheppard in June of 73 for Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson Az. I spent about one year in the 390th MMIS at DM. Having a chip on my shoulders they asked me if I would like to work on drones. Went to the 100th AMMS sometime in June of 74. In December of 74 I met my wife Heidi at my friends wedding. It wouldn’t be until August of 75 that we had our first date.

I took a short and re-enlisted in February of 76. Taking the BOP option I chose Eglin AFB and the 4751st ADC on Hurlburt Field. Before I left Tucson, Heidi and were married in April 76.