Sgt Rudy Apilado 1975 Udorn AB Thailand before going to 100th AMMS_460x602
Chronological History of SMSgt Rudy M. Apilado

Sept 11, 1969 – Oct 1969:  Enlisted US Air Force.  Air Training Command (ATC) 37th Basic Training Flight, Lackland AFB TX
Oct 24, 1969 – Jan 1970:  ATC 3517th Technical School – Student Training Squadron, Reciprocating Engine Aircraft Maintenance, Sheppard AFB TX
Feb 1970 – Jul 3, 1972:  Military Airlift Command (MAC) 604th OMS (Organizational Maintenance Squadron), Worked on T-29 and C-131 aircraft.  Travis AFB CA

 Ray Nairn 1972

I was Born Raymond Dale Nairn in Seattle Washington in 1952 and lived in Renton Washington until I graduated High School in June 1971. I was drafted but joined the Air Force in October 1971 and went to Basic Training at Lackland AFB Texas, from Basic Training I went to Sheppard AFB Texas Technical School to Train as a Titan II Missile Mechanic and after graduation I was given my orders to the 100th AMMS at Davis Monthan AFB.

CMSgt. & Mrs. Beck - 197X


Gentlemen, I present you with my military biography and post military history.

I was born and raised in Illinois. My father was a farmer and I started a successful trucking business at the ripe old age of 17 in 19__, prior to entering the USAF in 19__.

I was married to by sweetheart, Victoria, in 1951 and we enjoyed 55 years of marriage together before God called her away, 5 years ago. She was the love of my life.

bob_nick_1967_410x378Hi, I am Bob Nick, and I was assigned to the 100th AMMS during 1967-1970, with two TDY’s to Det. 10 at Da Nang..  I could make this bio short and to the point about my time in the Air Force, but many people think my overall career after the Air Force is even more interesting, because of my work on such things as the Jarvik-7 artificial heart, SDI (star wars), and black programs doing reverse engineering of foreign military hardware. 

Some areas of my career I cannot discuss in much detail, as I would prefer not to be thrown into jail because of national security.  So here is my story:

Al CarangeloAlbert Carangelo MSgt. USAF Ret.

Age: October 29th, 1940 - you figure it out (smile)!

Marital Status:  Single at the present time. Was married for 37 years when my wife Gloria passed away on April 03, 1997, after a long illness. 

Mike_(Odie)_OdumMy name is Terry Michael Odum, I was born May 25, 1952 in Lakeland, Florida.  I graduated from High School in June of 1970, this was during the time of the draft lottery, my number 18.  I was called up for a physical examination in May of 1970, three weeks before my High School graduation.

  The group that went to Jacksonville, Florida were told that we would be sent to Fort Bragg within two weeks.  I enlisted in the Air Force in June of 1970 on a delayed enlistment program.  While I was waiting for orders to report to Lackland AFB, I worked as a vendor for Eli Wit Cigar Company.  I sold  a lot of cigars, cigarettes and candies for grocery stores, restaurants, bars and sundries.  During that time I started dating the woman, who is now my wife of  33 years Joanie Bates.  We continued to date after I was given orders to report to Lackland AFB on March 6, 1972.  I was given orders for Tech School at Chanute AFB  Rantoul, IL. in April 1972.  After tech school while everyone else was getting orders to Minute Man II bases.

AirmanGeorgeColeMy Military Biography

I graduated from Brazil High School, Brazil, Indianain May 1965 and on the 1st of Sept I raised my hand and joined the Air Force. After a physical in Indianapolis I was sent to beautiful Lackland AFB, TX. The good news was I was only there for 30 days of basic and then to Ground Radio Repair school at Keesler AFB, Miss. Another garden spot. I was there from 15 Oct 1965 to 14 Jul 1966.


sc11chiefsA little,  Gene Palmer BIO here:

Prior to coming to Davis Monthan AFB (DM), I was stationed at Seymour-Johnson AFB in NC as a B-52 and KC 135 Tanker crew chief and a year later as a Quail ADM-20C crew chief.

I was at DM from 1966 thru 1975  Worked on all models from the BQM-34a to the 154. Did a lot of TDY's to Bien-Hoa from 1967 to 1969, Osan Dec. 71 to April 72, U-Tapao 72 and 74.

man with bag over head


Hi, I’m CMSgt. Dave Croll and this is my military biography and post military history.

I was one of the original three crew chiefs in the 4080th Drone Program. We were selected to start the program, working with Ryan people in the R&D at Eglin. U-2 Crew chiefs converted to missile maintenance technicians. Originally, we had approximately 35 people total involved in the program.  Because I was in the 4080th for 7 years under code 51 , in 1966 after my 3 rd TDY to Vietnam I was informed that I would be getting an assignment to another unit. I was fortunate to recover the first drone flight over N. Vietnam in 1964 at Danang and the first flight over China in Taiwan, a short time later. I was involved with training most of the new guys that came into the program in 1964 & 65 including Wllbur Wells, Randy Richards, George Barnette, John Carpenter and many I can't remember. 

Lt. Col. David F. RogersAttention!! Good afternoon Gentlemen, I am Lt. Col. David F. Rogers, and this is my biography and post military history. 

I entered the USAF as a 2nd Lt. in July 1951. I attended USAF technical schools and was trained as a Command Pilot and a 141C Air Operations Staff Officer. I flew KC-97's, KC-135's , and C-130's, prior to my reassignment to DM, AFB as your 100th AMMS Squadron Commander from Oct. 1971 through Sept.1974.

 Capt Curtis


I was born in Biloxi MS in January 1941 and enlisted in the USAF early in September 1960.  I went to Tech School and became a radar mechanic on the F105D. That career was cut short when I was selected for the Airman Education and Commissioning Program. The Air Force sent me to the University of Wyoming for an engineering degree and the Air Force sent me off to school again to be a maintenance officer. My first assignment was to the 4080th OMS, and first job was assisting in writing the TOs for the 147G. I worked as the DC-130 maintenance officer, and when the CH-3s came into the wing, I became the CH-3 maintenance officer. I went to OL20 in the late spring of 1966. While there the 4080th became the 100th and I got orders to  go back to AFIT for more college. Returning from OL20 in the fall, I became the Lightingbug maintenance officer. I left the 100th in the Spring of 1967 for graduate school and a lot of interesting assignments until I retired on 1 January 1996. Over all those years I learned a lot, but my time in the 4080th/100th was far and away the most intensive learning experience of my career, and the people I served with were some of the most memorable I have met.    

James Schurr - Thai Apr '75 250 x 250James R. Schurr

Born June 23, 1951 and grew up in Lafayette, In. Attended Jefferson High School, graduating in 1969. Attended Purdue University for two years on an education draft deferment prior to the draft lottery beginning, as luck would have it, I ended up with a low number and soon had my notice to report for my draft physical.

Not wanting to go into the Army, I chose the Air Force and enlisted.

man with bag over headHi, I'm Phillip L. Ford (Phil) and this is my military and post military biography.

I joined the USAF on Sept. 30, 1958. After basic training I received technical training as a 43131 E (C-130) and 44330 (Hound Dog). I was assigned to the 4080th in April 1965. I was later assigned to the 100th AMMS at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ and remained there until March 1975.

Glen Hall Osan Korea 1972

Hi my name is Glenn Hall and this is my military biography.




Herb when I still had some hair_640x952Hi,

I joined the AF in 1953. After Basic at Sampson AFB NY. I went to B-47 School at Amarillo Texas. First real assignment was to 442nd  Bomb Squadron at March AFB California. Worked as assistant and Crew Chief until the B-47s were phased out in 1960.

I came to Vandenberg AFB and worked on Atlas missiles until 1969 when I transferred to Edwards AFB and worked at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Lab.

man with bag over head

Greetings, my name is Walter Hamm and this is my military biography.

I graduated from high school in 1971 and joined the Air Force within weeks of my graduation. I attended technical school at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ as a 44350-Drone Maintenance a.k.a. “Ground Launch Cruise Missile” (GLCM) mechanic .


bill_smith_bxw_bien_hoa_feb_70_600x879William C. (Bill) Smith

Enlisted United States Air Force Sept 1966, attended basic training at Lackland AFB Texas, then off to 316X1N Tech School at Lowry AFB Colorado.

After 316 Tech school, assigned to 498th TMG Kadena AB Okinawa as guidance technician for the Mace missile system. Mace was a medium range inertial guidance nuclear missile. Probably one of the best places to start a career, the group commander knew you by first name and your wife’s if you were married. Spent two years on Okinawa from August 1967 until September 1969.

man with bag over head

Greetings!! I’m Larry Hubbard and I present you with my military biography and post military history.

My Military Career

I joined the USAF on 17 November 1965. After basic training, I was sent to technical school and attended the Titian II missile program. I was trained as a Titian II missile maintenance technician ( AFSC 44370).

Kim In AF Blues_615x758_pngHi Kim here,

I was born in Houston Texas in March 1953. My dad moved the family to Pasadena Texas shortly thereafter. I graduated high school in May 1971. My dad and mother had moved to Alabama for their retirement after I graduated in 1971.

I stayed in Pasadena for a few months and decided I would also move to the little town of Black Alabama where they were. I wasn’t in Alabama very long before I received my draft notification.  I decided it would be better if I chose what military branch, so I went to see the Air Force recruiter and the rest is history.

Dick Hutchinson - 1999

Hi my name is Dick Hutchinson. I was in the 100th as a 44. I got to DM in July of 1965 and left in Jan of 1969 for Air Force Liaison office at Ryan in San Diego. I came back to DM several times to kit proof T.C.T.O.’s and manual changes on the AQM’s and DC-130A/E’s.



Wallace, SMSgt Randall W. “Wally”

Greetings, my name is Randy Wallace or to my 100AMMS family “Wally” a nick name I received from Bucky Crenshaw that suck to me for a long time. This is my military and post military history.

I was born August 21, 1952, in Phoenix Arizona, I graduated from High School in 1970, and I received my draft notice on my birthday in 1971. My lottery number was 50, basically that’s been the only lottery I have every won. I went in the AF reserve October 21, 1971, going active Air Force February 7 1972.

 Bob Jones & Sweet Poying_632x5491

Hi, I’m Robert L. Jones, Sr. (Bob) and this is my military and post military biography. 

I graduated from high school early and immediately volunteered for the USAF in January 72'. After basic training I received orders for Chanute AFB and received technical training as a Minuteman missile mechanic ( AFSC: 44350-G ) in March 72'.
I received orders for my first duty station in August 72' and had the honor of being attached to the 100th AMMS at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ from August 72' to January 74'. I was TDY to U-Tapao, Thailand from early June through late Sept. 73'. During my TDY in Thailand, I had the privilege of flying on several drone missions in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos.

wilbur_bien_hoa_1965_278x465MSGT WILBUR C. WELLS, USAF ,RETIRED

I arrived at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ. from Fairchild AFB, WN in 1965. I was assigned to the 4080th SRW Drone Reconnaissance Squadron.  This organization was very top secret at the time. 


1st deployment was on 7 Aug 1965 to Bien Hoa Vietnam for 89 days.
2nd deployment to Bien Hoa was on 24 May 1966 for 120 days.
3rd deployment 15 Aug 1967 to Bien Hoa for 90 days. 

 Dave the Instructor_640x940

I came from Houndog, and made TSgt in July of ’71 in my Houndog AFSC (31670Q). Since I had seven years in, that caused a little heartburn; the P shred-out (drone) analysts had about 14-18 years time in service for tech that cycle. I made it the same cycle as Drager, Jacobs, Schmidt, and several other long-time 100th guys. We all got past it somehow.

I arrived at the 100th AMMS in April 71, and roomed in the barracks with George Van Meter while I house-hunted.

We bought a house on 32nd St, just up from the Craycroft gate. We had one son at the time, just beyond three years old. Our second son was born in ’72. We lived in the same house until we left in June ’79. I bought the house for $17K and sold it for $42K…

Mike Wigley 1976I went into delayed enlistment in November 1972.  Called to basic January 19th, 1973.  It was a Friday night at Lackland. Had to stay in civies all weekend. (rainbow, rainbow don’t be blue…)